Analysis of a Transportation Network with Railway Migration: A Case Study of Champa (C.G.)


  • Mohammad Ahtesham
  • Sonam Vaidya


Transportation Network, O-D Study, Cardon Survey, Intersection Study, Railway Migration.


Transportation Network gives proficient street transportation methodologies have recently become a functioning research area. Efficient transportation of users to/from congested traffic zones is one of the main difficulties of the users. A transportation-network analysis is presented here and is applied on a town ring road network that envelops a significant network intersections, cardon line and large motorized and non-motorized movement conflicts. The presented study firstly examines the impacts applied by network at major intersections, and secondly, presents contextual analysis of railway migration into the town transport network. The significance of this study is evidently clear in traffic congestion situations or in road design considerations in which the impact of correlation of transport network-intersections must be pre-requisitely known. The aim of the study is to extend the results of this analysis to be applied for evacuation analyses for other zones with similar conditions or in other congested towns in which correlated intersections in the transport network have a significant presence that must be included in the real-life analysis of a transportation network.



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