IoT and Applications: A Technical Note


  • Ravi Rastogi University Of Bisha


Wireless sensors,, Networks,, Communication,, Data management, Wired communication,, RFID,, Cloud computing


Recent decades have shown a revolutionary change in the various technologies and their applications such as wireless sensors, networks, communication, data management and many more. The IoT has empowered the connection among objects at anytime and anywhere. However, IoT deals with wired and wireless connections. This has given a smarter version of health, energy, devices and many more. The report of IERC (IoT European Research Cluster) have provided the three motivations in this domain, these are- Environmental Protection, Economic Prosperity and improvement in the Quality of Life. Expecting the new era of computing with all the surrounding objects will be connected on a one network through any of the applications of RFID and other sensor networks. However, the collaboration of cloud computing may lessen the burden of this architecture. The cloud computing at its application provides the computing utility at different ends like storage, analytics, visualization, client delivery platform and many more. This paper is a brief technical note about the architecture, standards and applications of IoT.


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